At Oaks Tree we want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and considering us for our tree care services, be it for tree or stump removals, trimming and storm clean-up, we are grateful.

Our company is a family-owned operation dedicated to providing quality service year-round in our local communities. Our unique edge over competition is our ability to communicate effectively, offer affordable pricing and give you invaluable customer service unmatched by the ‘big box’ name-brands scattered out there.

Our service is so thorough, Robert took the time to send us his testimony below:

“They happily came to my home the day after I contacted them, and we walked the property discussing the work that needed to be done. The property’s trees had been neglected for years. Oaks Tree Service provided solid insight into the process and reasons for each tree’s maintenance. They even removed some small trunks and small maples that were in problem locations for free. During the actual work, their team arrived right on time, worked hard, cleaned thoroughly, and departed. I recommend Oaks Tree Service in all areas: cost, quality, communication.”

- Robert

We think it goes without question…

…we mean BUSINESS.

We’re confident that whatever services you need, we got you covered because we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence and a job well-done. If you’ve been searching for reliable, licensed and certified arborist in your area, contact us today, we’re just a phone call or email away!

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